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Get more productivity, value and ease of use using Alaris Capture Pro, the reference scanning software.

Alaris Capture Pro digitisation software is specially designed to drive and optimise the performance of most A4/A3 document scanners on the market. It improves scanner productivity by scanning in batch mode at the rated scanner speed. Batch scanning and exceptional productivity are possible regardless of the scenario: desktop application or high-volume scanning. Get more value: no volume-based costs or click charges. Get started immediately using the preconfigured settings and the unique, user-friendly interface.  

With this version of Alaris Capture Pro without dongle, the purchse and the delivery are digitally made with a simple email!

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Kodak Alaris


Automated indexing
Automated indexing can solve character substitution errors by correcting or deleting them. It can provide an almost unlimited number of fields and characters, generating an XML output file for simplified data processing and exchange.

Post-scanning processing enables background batch processing; this allows you to continue scanning during processing, increasing output. Images are easy to insert, segment, redigitise, rotate, reorganise, realign and tag.

Application Programming Interface (API)
The API function makes scanning job management easy and effective. Jobs can be customised and integrated in a capture process.

Open Database Connectivity Compliant (ODBC)
Index fields can be confirmed or completed with data from ODBC (Open Database Connectivity Compliant) sources using the database consultation function.

Multi-user capability: access to shared profiles

Ease of use: Interactive tutorial in several languages and real-time online help

Precision: New double data entry indexing features to guarantee to protect against indexing errors and ensure data integrity

Image quality optimisation: enhanced intelligent QC function (including auto-crop and deskew)

Flexibility and security: password encrypted PDF output, larger than 200 inches long documents to PDF output, and faster viewing with Fast Web

Indexing enhancement: Index fields faster and more accurately with expanded database look up (possible search to one or two index fields)

Various output options: Option of document output to file, system, e-mail and simultaneous print-out

Maximum productivity: Output processing is performed in the background, ensuring optimum productivity and immediate visual feedback is given, no matter how complex the task.

Easy image retrieval: Find and View function

Extensive possibilities: Option of generating colour, B&W or grayscale images from the same scan. Option of integrating Capture Pro with existing or recent imaging systems

A Alaris Capture Pro licence can be used for an unlimited time, without any restriction on the scanned document volume. 
The versions of Alaris Capture Pro are categorised in 7 groups (A, B, C, etc.) based on scanner capacity. Licences are systematically bundled with a 1-year or 3-year support contract.